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The Access Guide to Nissan Stadium from Shin-Yokohama Station アクセスガイド(新横浜駅から日産スタジアムまで)

We would like to introduce how to access to one of our stadiums, Nissan Stadium (also known as International Stadium Yokohama), from Shin-Yokohama Station with photographs. Please be careful not to text while walking! このエントリでは、新…

The Access Guide to “Nippatsu (NHK Spring)” Mitsuzawa Football Stadium アクセスガイド(横浜駅からニッパツ三ツ沢球技場まで)

We would like to introduce how to access to one of our home stadiums, “Nippatsu(NHK Spring)” Mitsuzawa Football Stadium (a.k.a.“Mitsuzawa”) from Yokohama Station with photographs. Since it is quite difficult for the foreign visitors to acc…

How to buy home game tickets for Yokohama F・Marinos - Purchasing tickets online 横浜F・マリノスのホームゲームのチケット購入方法 ―オンラインでのチケット購入―

Many of those who want to watch a home game of Yokohama F・Marinos during their stay in Japan, or foreign residents in Japan, may find it difficult buying tickets. In this article, we provide details of how to buy a ticket for an F・Marino…

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